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GS1, Intel, MonetaGo, and Pinary Join OriginBX Sponsors

10 May 2022 — OASIS Open, the international open source and standards consortium, announced today that GS1, Intel, MonetaGo, and Pinary are the newest sponsors of OriginBX, an international movement to advance open source detail product component level data standards for facilitating digital tax, trade, and ESG attestations.

Launched in June 2021, the OriginBX community has a shared vision to reduce the inefficiency and cost incurred by manufacturers needing to comply with a growing list of complex tax, trade and ESG disclosure requirements. Such claims range from forced labor and conflict minerals, to country of origin and preferential trade programs. Among other costs of compliance benefits to producers and supply chain partners, the OriginBX standards aim to increase the utilization of free trade agreements to boost GDP of developing countries. The new sponsors join Accenture, Amazon, CompTIA, IBM, the International Chamber of Commerce, Inveniam, KYG.Trade, Origin Experts Group, Skuchain, Thomson Reuters, and UPS in providing strategic vision, governance, technical guidance, and financial support for OriginBX’s work.

“We’re pleased that GS1, Intel, MonetaGo, and Pinary have joined the OriginBX community, alongside a growing list of leaders supporting this international alliance,” said Todd R. Smith of KYG.Trade, co-chair of the OriginBX Project Governing Board (PGB). “The more private enterprises and global policy setting organizations join OriginBX, the more collaboration and momentum there will be towards adopting digital ‘component-level’ product attribute standards.”

“It is inspirational to see OASIS enlisting the global community to create open source interoperable standards  for international product tax, trade and ESG compliance. It is a worthwhile initiative for which I am grateful to be appointed co-chair,” said Oswald Kuyler of MonetaGo, co-chair of the OriginBX PGB. “At MonetaGo, we advocate standards-based enablement for trade solutions – our Secure Financing system for trade finance deduplication exemplifies the power of standards to achieve scale and interoperability worldwide.”

Support for OriginBX


“GS1 is a neutral and not-for-profit standards organization developing open and interoperable global data standards. The objectives of GS1 and OASIS are well aligned, and we are proud to be involved as a project governing board member of OriginBX. We look forward to working with the participants of OriginBX on improving the ecosystem for identification, attestation and data sharing that will support cross-border trade facilitation going into the future.”

– Robert Beideman, Chief Product Officer, GS1


“Reducing the digital divide between countries remains a top priority, previously thought beyond our reach. The standardization of trade data in digital global tax and trade attestations (“GTTAs”) innovations provides the backbone to strategies related to private/public data centrism within a trade context for an innovative, connected, and data-centric world. Partnering with OriginBX members, a like-minded coalition of tax and trade compliance experts and visionaries, is an honor as we collectively work to advance the potential of digital GTTA and blockchain technologies to achieve each trading partner’s economic and competitive goals.”

–Michelle Stout, Senior Director, Intel

About OriginBX

OriginBX supports trade specific digital product data open standards, SDKs, and APIs. In particular, by reducing complexity and the cost of complying with global tax, trade and ESG regulations. We work closely with global non-profit initiatives and alliances to promote the WTO trade facilitation agreement and the UN’s sustainable development goals. OriginBX is governed and supported as an OASIS Open Project.